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Flowers & Friends

Flowers & Friends.

Petals & Pals.

Blooms & Buds?

Just some more good ole fashioned overthinking for you. What is it with us & names?

Anyways. Flowers & Friends nights are officially being planned! This might mean nothing to you if you haven't seen our latest posts. But, regardless of whether you've read about them or not, I'm here to tell you more about what they are!

Over the last few years (minus most of 2020 I'm guessing, but lets just pretend that year didn't exist) a fun thing that has popped up seemingly everywhere is paint nights. It's a fun way to gather your friends and the occasional coworker together to sip on wine, relax, and create together! We LOVE a good paint night, mostly for the atmosphere. Combining friends, creativity, food, and (if you choose) wine was an absolutely genius idea we wish we would have created ourselves. Don't you? But since we didn't, why not build off of that same overall concept but twist it to include our favorite form of creativity: flowers!

Flowers & Friends is a night of all our favorite things.

Flowers. Friends. Food. Fun. Sounds cool, but how will it work?

Essentially, it will function the way some of the craft or paint nights you have attended will, but of course with our own unique style. There will be a host, offering up their home or backyard for whoever they decide to include in their night. Most of the details will be up to them, and we will talk those through with them beforehand. The host will choose the menu, whether it be a full meal or light refreshments. We are happy to offer up suggestions, but ultimately its their choice. We will also give them options as to what kind of arrangements they want their guests to make. They get to choose what types of flowers to include, the types of vase, personalization options, etc... It's their night!

We do our research, and we come in and work our little bit of magic.

Plant Joy & Co will provide the decorations, which can include our greenery wall to pose in front of with your guests if there is space. If you are wanting to host in a smaller space, no worries! We're here for you, and we're committed to being as versatile as possible. Trust me, it'll be super cute no matter what size we're working with. We also will bring alllll the gorgeous blooms & vases prepped and ready, and the supplies needed to make them. We've done our research on the latest trends, tips, and tricks, and we're so excited to walk you and your guests through creating unique flower arrangements. Don't worry, we will keep it clear & simple. We don't want it to be stressful or difficult, we want it to be fun! We want to see you laughing, bouncing ideas off of each other, adding your own personal style,

and just enjoying yourself. Each of you will go home with a gorgeous arrangement, a new skill set, and the pride of knowing you created it yourself. We hope you'll use these new skills of yours next time you pick up a bouquet from our flower car to create an even more beautiful arrangement that makes you happy every time you see it.

We hope to use Flowers & Friends events to spark the creativity you may not have used in a while, or may not even know you have. You (yes, YOU) are capable of making masterpieces. Gorgeous, wonderful, magical masterpieces. We're just here to help you do it!

I hope everyone has a great week & takes the time to do at least one thing that gets your creativity going. You won't regret it!

- Kelsey (:


Sound like something you would like to attend? Head on over to our Facebook event to RSVP & secure a spot! Sound like something you would like to host? Check out the contact section of our website and send us a message! We want to make sure you can get in on the fun too.

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